Ultrasonic cleaning of mechanical or micromechanical parts

Stamping, die-stamping, cutting, machining and turning are just some of the many methods involved in making mechanical parts.

All along the production line, manufactured mechanical parts need to be cleaned in batches or individually:

  • Cleaning of material chips
  • but especially degreasing surfaces

These are fundamental manufacturing steps for these parts, which will undergo further operations (mechanical, thermal or chemical) before being used to make construct other subassemblies.

Mechanics – Machined ferrules
Mechanics – Tungsten Carbide insert (before cleaning)
Mechanics – Tungsten Carbide insert (after cleaning)

FISA has been perfecting the water-based detergent cleaning process for several decades.

Not only can we offer you a suitable machine, but we can also share our expertise on process and chemicals as well as water treatment.