Ultrasonic cleaning for medical applications: implants, instruments, tools, hypodermic needles, syringes, etc.

A cleaning specialist for medical applications FISA fully understands the technical constraints involved both before and after your business.

Our expert knowledge meets all your demands whilst complying with standards and according to IQ/OQ/PQ qualification protocol.

Our equipment enables you to define the water treatment system adapted to your requirements (production of demineralized water according to your quality grade) and of course the cleaning process that precisely meets your technical specifications.

Knowledge of your products means we can advise you on their materials, shapes or special features:

  • implants: hips, shoulders, knees, femurs, pacemakers, stents, lenses, maxillofacial implants, parietal bones, microelectronics, etc.
  • instruments,
  • tools needed to fit implants: drills, drill bits, cranks, screwdrivers, retractors, hammers, etc.
  • hypodermic needles,
  • syringes,
Knee prosthesis before cleaning
Knee prosthesis after cleaning
Ancillary clamp before cleaning (after polishing)
Ancillary clamp after cleaning

Mid-stage cleaning, before or after HA coating, before final packaging, decontamination before sterilization or passivation of stainless-steel or titanium parts, etc.

Whether you are an outsourcer or a subcontractor, you need to clean for a variety of reasons:

  • Mid-stage cleaning (removal of polishing paste, degreasing, removal of dye-penetration testing products, etc.),
  • Cleaning before or after HA coating,
  • Cleaning before final packaging,
  • Decontamination before sterilization,
  • Passivation of stainless-steel or titanium parts, etc.

Discover the different processes we offer throughout the manufacturing cycle for medical parts.