Ultrasonic cleaning for ophthalmic, sun, precision and safety optics, etc.

We specialize in designing and developing a range of specific machines for:

  • ophthalmic optics,
  • sun optics,
  • precision optics,
  • safety optics.

This range covers all the needs of the production line for glass, polymer and monomer parts:

  • from cleaning lens and plastics injection molds,
  • to surface preparation of substrates prior to multiple coating treatments,
  • including cleaning after surfacing and polishing,
  • and surface preparation before applying, for example, scratch-resistant and anti-fog coatings.

Our different machine types for the optical field

1 – Specific dip coating machine for prescription laboratories – Rx FISALABS One, between 40 to 80 lenses/hour

2- Cleaning and dip-coating machines, between 100 to 720 lenses/day

  • CS20/40 line: machines for cleaning mineral and organic lenses after surfacing and prior to visual inspection or coating.
  • CC20/40 line: machines for surface preparation, dip coating and curing. The CC line represents a modular machine concept for hard-coating processes.
  • CV20/40 line: machines for final cleaning prior to anti-reflective vacuum coating.

3-Machine for full-scale lens production, starting from 400 parts/hours

  • MC line: lens mold cleaning machines. Special configurations are available for CR39 and HI lens molds, using acid or semi-aqueous processes.
  • MR line: Fully automated cleaning ultrasonic cleaning lines designed to remove monomer residues from the surface of cast lenses and parts.

4- Dip and/or Flow-Coating machines, starting from 400 parts/hour

  • CCB machine: Fully automated Hard-Coating line including surface preparation, dip coating and pre-curing phases, as well as the final polymerization tunnel.
  • CCFB machine: Flow-Coating. This line integrates one or more flow-coating modules to treat each side of the transparent substrate differently (e.g. anti-fog coating on the inside and scratch-resistant coating on the outside).
Mechanics – Machined ferrules