Excellent Quality , Low Price

Excellent Quality , Low Price

Excellent Quality , Low Price

Excellent Quality , Low Price

Shanghai Shidu Automation Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 as the general agent of FISA China. We have been committed to promoting process cleaning equipment and solutions, and have always been at the forefront of the industry in the field of mold cleaning machines and component cleaning machines. Our positioning as an imported brand and domestically produced price has made us more and more popular and recognized by customers in the Chinese market, and we have helped them solve their two biggest pain points: high price and poor cleaning.

FISA - Design and manufacturer of mold cleaning machines and ultrasonic component cleaning machines for over 40 years

FISA Industrial Cleaning Group,It started in 1981 and has a history of 43 years to date,Headquartered in Paris, France and with a factory located in Milan, Italy, we are a leader in the field of ultrasonic cleaning machines. Our main application areas include casting, plastics, aerospace, watchmaking&jewelry, mechanical components, medical, semiconductor, optics, and military industry.

Base on High energy, high temperature resistance, maintenance free, and critical wave HEB,The technology is specifically designed for mold cleaning machines with large volumes and heavy loads of dirt,base onstrong and high-energy | High temperature resistance | Maintenance free|HEMFThe technology is specifically designed for ultrasonic cleaning of small volume, light load, and light dirt components,onthe technologyhas obvious advantagesCheap pricesIt is even more unbelievable to customers, with a leading installed capacity and market reputation. There are over 3000 global customers, many of whom are Fortune 500 or their supporting supply chain manufacturers. FISA has 40 years of laboratory testing data and production line experience data.

Give a few examples:
Our client APTAR Apta in Suzhou Industrial Park is using a mold cleaning machine that has been running normally for 27 years since 1996;
Our customer DYNACAST in Kunshan is currently using an ultrasonic cleaning machine for hardware components, which has been running normally for 7 years since 2017;
Our client in Wujiang, Kimik, is currently using a target component ultrasonic cleaning machine that has been operating normally for 5 years since 2019;
Our customer 3M in Shanghai is using an AR lens component ultrasonic cleaning machine and coating machine that has been in operation for 14 years since 2010;
We also have customers such as Zhongding, CITIC Daika Wheel Hub, Corning, etc. The first set of cleaning machines we provided to them has been running for more than 10 years.

Shanghai Shidu Automation Co., Ltd. acts as an agent for all FISA's products

Shanghai Shidu Automation Co., Ltd. is responsible for sales and services in the FISA products, and has a warehouse for spare parts and chemicals. Chinese customers will easily obtain fast and low-cost localized services.

Customer list of some mold cleaning machines and component cleaning machines (real and welcome to visit)

Industry Applications


  • Rubber Mold Cleaning
  • Plastic Mold Cleaning
  • Foundry Mold Cleaning
  • Optics Mold Cleaning
  • Fully Automatic Mold Cleaning

Rubber Mold Cleaning

新一代超声波模具清洗机由于其 出色的可靠性和有效性成为行业应用的新标准。 关于模具的维护,清洗是一个关键且昂贵的阶段。超声波模具清洗能够有效地解决清洁和成本控制的

Plastic Mold Cleaning


Foundry Mold Cleaning


Optics Mold Cleaning


Fully Automatic Mold Cleaning

Markets we serve: limitless fields of activity


TECHNOLOGICAL principle: ultrasounds, cavitation, implosion

Most of our systems consist of a stainless-steel tank fitted with an ultrasonic transducer activated by a high frequency generator. Parts to be treated are placed in a basket and immersed in the cleaning solution in the tank.

The signal emitted by the generator causes the transducer to create a high-frequency wave that travels through the liquid. This wave then produces successive variations of high and low pressure.

During the low-pressure phases, tiny bubbles appear in the liquid: this phenomenon is called cavitation.

During the high-pressure phases, the bubbles implode on contact with submerged surfaces, releasing the energy that created them. In addition, this mechanical energy increases the efficiency of the chemical action of the cleaning solution associated with it.

FISA is an international group that was founded in Europe and has now grown internationally. It is now present in North America and Asia.

Our range of machines and services can cover the needs of our local customers as well as those of large multinationals operating across the world.

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